Covid-19 Update

The safety and security of our customers and team is our top priority, and we have worked to implement the best practice safety measures to serve Rola Wala to our customers in line with government advice.

We are currently open for take-away, click and collect, and delivery, however we will not be offering eat-in until government advice allows.

Here are the changes we’ve implemented at Rola Wala:

★  We’ll be checking in with staff before they work a shift to make sure they feel fit and well enough to come to work.

★  We’ve reduced the number of people working within the restaurant to make sure they can stay 2m apart as far as practicable.

★  We’ve worked with the Trinity Leeds shopping centre to ensure physical distancing procedures can be maintained around our unit in Trinity Kitchen.

★  We will be taking cashless payments only.

★  We have assessed the risks and increased our training levels for all staff working on site, including training on the use of Covid-19 safety, correct use of PPE, COSHH chemicals and more.

★  As well as daily hygiene briefings to keep safety top of mind, we’ve increased cleaning practices within the restaurant including hand washing at regular intervals. We also providing customers and delivery riders with hand sanitizer at our restaurant and throughout Trinity Kitchen.

★  We have created bespoke branded face coverings for our team members who wish to wear them.

★  If you have any concerns, please contact a member of staff following social distancing rules.

Government guidelines for food businesses are evolving, and as they do we will be reviewing and implementing best practice as it becomes available.

Covid-19 FAQ

How are you protecting staff and customers?

We have implemented a Covid-19 risk assessment to allow us to identify and remove or mitigate risks to staff and customers. These include full Covid-19 training, minimising the number of staff working together, optional PPE, new cleaning procedures, and an updated sickness policy to ensure that we work within the government guidelines.

When will you be re-opening seating areas?

At present, we are planning to reopen seating when government advice allows, which we currently believe to be the 4th of July, however this is yet to be confirmed.

What will you do if one of your staff tests positive for Covid-19?

Anyone with symptoms including a persistent cough or temperature must self-isolate for at least seven days. We follow advice set by the government with regards to track and trace and how that might affect the rest of our staff on a case by case basis.

Will you still be supporting One Feeds Two (TM?) and how are they adapting to Covid-10?

These are unprecedented times locally and globally, Covid-19 and the fallout is likely to affect people living in poverty the hardest. We will continue to support our charitable initiative with One Feeds Two (TM) to provide school meals to hungry children living in poverty throughout the crisis and beyond.

During this Covid-19 crisis, schools have continued to feed children by working with their local communities to make the food accessible with careful physical spacing. This works differently in different countries, however many are able to use existing school facilities as a distribution centre, or find new nodes from which to distribute. In most cases they are now feeding as many children as they were when the virus first hit.

What other changes will be happening at Rola Wala?

We have worked to remain open for delivery and click & collect throughout much of the Covid-19 crisis, maintaining appropriate physical distancing. We are actively working to improve upon the value we offer to our customers through improved services (such as click and collect, and we will shortly be launching our own delivery service), menu innovations, and we’ve also launched a new sub-brand – see @thegrindian on Instagram.

Aside from that, as a company we will endeavor to offer the same great food, value, and service we always have when we are fully open. We’ve been working hard to ensure our business is here for the long run, and we can’t wait to serve you again.

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