WHY Karma Cola?

Posted by Plum Saville, Karma Cola | | 15 Nov 2016

Karma Cola began with the thought that if the world consumes over a million cola drinks a minute (which, scarily, is true) it was about time we made one that did some good from its original ingredient – cola nut.

In Africa, cola nut has huge symbolic meaning – it’s used in marriage ceremonies, to ease hunger and plays an important spiritual role. But in the western world, most people have no idea that cola actually grows on trees.

Karma Cola is a Fairtrade and organic soft drink with a purpose: to directly improve the lives of people in Sierra Leone who originally discovered cola nut and still use it everyday for wellbeing and to celebrate friendship.

Every time you buy a bottle, money goes back to these communities, to help with education, trade and infrastructure. Funds raised helped during the Ebola crisis too.

It’s pretty awesome that by the simple act of buying a drink you’re making such a difference. So far, you’ve helped pay for 4 teachers, who teach over 200 kids, you’ve paid for a bridge to be built, rehabilitated 12 forest farms and helped over 2,000 people during the ebola crisis. It’s good to give a damn. #drinknoevil



Return of the Chilli

Posted by Mark Wright | | 11 Oct 2016

For us, a fully flavoured chilli doesn’t mean ultra-spicy, rather it’s about adding a vibrant dimension to our food that you simply can’t get from any other ingredient. No other ingredient can deliver that comforting warmth and delicate sweetness quite like it – it’s the almighty chilli that will make a dish sing.


FREE LUNCH @ Rola Wala Leeds – with One Feeds Two

Posted by Mark Wright | | 01 Sep 2015

Thanks for our charity partner One Feeds Two, for every meal sold at Rola Wala, we provide a school meal to a hungry child living in poverty – and today we are THRILLED to announce that since launching in Leeds, we have OFFICIALLY provided over 100,000 meals!

This is HUGE NEWS and to say thanks we’re putting on FREE lunch at our restaurant in Trinity Kitchen, Leeds – and everybody’s invited.

It’s all going down NEXT TUESDAY from 11-3pm – all you need to do is just turn up! (we recommend arriving early).

HELP SPREAD THE WORD! Share this with a friend on Facebook, and set your reminder for 11am next Tuesday.

You can find out more about One Feeds Two at www.onefeedstwo.org

See you at the bar,
Rola Wala

End of Summer Reflection

Posted by Mark Wright | | 28 Sep 2014

With the closing of Street Feast’s Dalston Yard market last week, and Model Market Last night, it signalled the end of our massive summer run of events, it was also our last night out in London for a couple of months while we set up our first bricks and mortar restaurant.



Posted by Mark Wright | | 15 Aug 2014

Last Friday, it became OFFICIAL when we announced via Twitter that we had officially signed up to a lease on our first proper store at Trinity Kitchen in Leeds. Surprised that a London based street food crew would choose to make their first step into the property ladder so far out of town?



Posted by Mark Wright | | 09 Aug 2014

The dawn of a new era for Rola Wala – our responsive new site officially launches TODAY! Thanks to Stuart and the Daysix team for putting in the hard graft to make this happen.


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